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For an average observer, OPM only involves poorly recorded song covers by famous actors and actresses trying to find other sources of revenue aside from their regular teleseryes. If we’re lucky, we sometimes get original songs from respected composers like Ryan Cayabyab and Noel Cabangon, sung by your average biriteras along the lines of Sarah Geronimo and Rachelle Ann Go. If we’re REALLY lucky, independent artists like The Strangeness, RomCom and Lowleaf magically appear out of nowhere and produce amazing tracks that are enough to inspire other local artists to step up their songwriting games. 

This issue, we featured three artists that are proof that OPM has a bright future ahead of it. Whoever said that OPM is dying clearly doesn’t know what gigs to go to and what radio stations to listen to. The Strangeness, a Meiday veteran, has already come up with their first EP entitled Jesus Camp. RomCom, a bubblegum pop group who has an internet sensation for a vocalist, also recently produced an EP entitled Tight Like Prom Night. Lowleaf, a newcomer in the local music scene, also released an EP recently entitled Giga Gaia. All three bands differ in genre, but their contribution to the industry fuels OPM and the people surrounding it to create more music. Speaking of amazing music, Ellie Centeno and Lambert Cruz also named 20 OPM tracks that you should be listening to and I was honestly blown away by how much talent we have here. I think it’s time to take off the media blanket and uncover the local talents from waaaay underneath the surface.

We have also received a lot of great contributions for this issue including Neil Craver’s Underwater Nude Rock Quarry, Adrian Gonzales’s Gospel Decay and Alfonso Bassig’s song covers and original compositions. One of the greatest mysteries of all (why do we listen to sad songs?) have also been uncovered by our Associate Editor, Carl Millan. Karla Bernardo’s Style Between The Riffs article is exactly six issues late and it’s still worth checking out. Our new batch of photographers also talked about what got them started, what keeps them going, and what they want to do in the future. 

I don’t want to spoil anything else in my letter so I’ll leave it to you to discover what else is in this issue. Again, for the nth time, I can’t believe that we have come this far. From a group of 7 to a community of 40, we’re still alive and kicking and doing our best to give you our best issue after another. 

Maine Manalansan, EIC

P.S. There are also a few upgrades with your magazine-reading experience. We have incorporated hyperlinks in our layout so you can visit the writers’ and photographers’ websites in just one click. Pretty nifty huh?

Read our August 2012 issue here.

My first issue with Stache with the beautiful men and women of The Strangeness, RomCom, and Lowleaf on the cover! And oh, see my huge monochrome face at page 132. Well, not that I advice you to.

P.S. Music will never die, bitches. (ala-Jesse Pinkman)