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July in Tracks →

Wrote about LSS, music, that clingy cat Nika, and well… LSS.

Gave Wordpress another go after a month. LOL. Read here if you must. 
Also, meet my new adopted cat, Nika (on a very hipster-y Photoshopped mobile photo!)

Gave Wordpress another go after a month. LOL. Read here if you must. 

Also, meet my new adopted cat, Nika (on a very hipster-y Photoshopped mobile photo!)

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I tried to talk about life. You can read if you want to.

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Took a four-day trip away from Manila last week. I was just tired of routine so I needed a break. Anyway, I wrote about it here. You can read it if you want to. :)


It’s also my Mom’s birthday today! So yay!

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Been best friends with this man for 11 years. 11 years… Can’t even fathom how long that is! Anyway, it’s his birthday and I know he’d kinda cringe but I made a birthday blog post for him here.
Happy birthday, King! :)

Been best friends with this man for 11 years. 11 years… Can’t even fathom how long that is! Anyway, it’s his birthday and I know he’d kinda cringe but I made a birthday blog post for him here.

Happy birthday, King! :)

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To Be Thankful 2011

Over the years, I have done year-ender blog entries like photo summaries of the year that was or an entry pointing the highlights of what has been. But hours before the change of 2011 to 2012, it dawned me – I have never published a year-end entry of thanks, an entry of being grateful and of recognizing the blessings I have received.

Looking back 2011, I’ve realized that the year that was were full of blessings and this is my way of recognizing them. I know it’s already January 2nd (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARMI!) but it’s better to be two days late than never!

So here are the 10 things (not in order) I am most grateful about 2011.

1. Finishing college not with flying colors but with personal honors. I did not graduate Cum Laude (my original plan when I entered San Beda) but I survived and conquered my four years in college. If you are a college friend, you probably know that I juggled three organizations during my college years. All of those three organizations, I held leadership posts for four consecutive years. It was all a juggle, a pain in the ass, but I was able to do my extra-curricular activities in perfect stride while being a good student. (I received awards and was a Dean’s Lister for two sems, YAY!) And most importantly, I graduated on time.

2. Being able to juggle several skills. If there’s one thing you should know, I’m the best slasher in town. “Hi, I’m Mayee! I’m a writer/photographer/video editor/Lomographer/frustrated illustrator/singer/bass player/event organizer/line producer/production designer/cinematographer/gig-goer/blogger/best friend/sister/daughter…” and the slashes go on and on and on! Yes, I do a lot and 2011 was one heck of a year to accomplish tons! All listed (or slashed) above were achieved and I am truly grateful for being able to do so.

3. Mount Analogue. My band. Being able to perform and share your music to a larger audience is undeniably something to be grateful about. And these guys, my bandmates, are truly the best bandmates around. We haven’t been friends for the longest time but we quarrel and we hug as if we’ve known each other for years. These boys are awesome and I’m really excited to share more years of music and friendship with them.

Special mention to our brother band, The Strangeness. Gigs won’t be twice as fun without them. I love you my bb’s!

4. Being able to do what you want and love to do. My family never stopped me in doing what I want. It doesn’t really mean that they let me do whatever I want without limits but they let me discover new things in life and let me pursue certain goals I have. That’s the best kind of freedom one could have in life. I am also grateful for being able to discover hell lots of amazing books, movies, art, and music in 2011! More to come, please!

5. The blessing of work. Finding a job is the toughest stress one can experience after graduation. I was penniless for a couple of weeks after receiving my diploma but work, freelance and eventually regular, came. And I’m just thankful for the opportunities. If you should know, I did freelance work for six months after March. Name it, I think I did every freelance job a Mass Communication graduate could do: wrote articles for small publications, video editing, music video shoots, photo shoots, event organizing (debuts and events for Sonic Boom and Terno Recordings).

Freelance work is fun but it only serves for one self so I had to pursue a regular one. Luckily, I did find one under Lomography and I am thankful for the job I currently have with this company. The perks and my officemates are just awesome, I could not ask for more.

6. The happiness friendship could bring: I have thousands of moments I have made with my friends in 2011. I have several groups of friends in my current life and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.

My grade school and high school barkada (King, Janlor, Karen, Diana, Sean, Jake, Miguel, Alvin, Diane, Kara etc. because you guys know who you are!), my college friends (Crystal, Von, Lorenz, Tey, Butch, Tim, Vance, Pao, RJ and all my orgmates), my Dumet Skate crew (Labayen Kids, Corpuz Brothers, Vince, Ica, Jade, Beth, Teehay, Alexa, Monique, Ayis, Jon-Jon), my Lomography officemates (Shine, Erin, Bijan, Joy, Jean, Jason, Minde, Chamie, Kat, Ella, Geli, Yani, Mich, Tara and Pauee), my Sonic Boom family (Bochang, Monica, Afianne, Julo, Greg, Chino, Hannah, Mon, Jep, Bock, Angela, Jewel, Kaloy, Alex, Lalay, and Koi), my friends I’ve met through Mount Analogue, The Strangeness and Number Line Records (You are too plenty but you know who you are!), my Terno Recordings family (ALL THE BANDS oh gosh I’m friends with you ALL! Hahaha! Plus Aie, Cha, Chigo, Bel, Ed, Kris, Red, Jon, Jason. Special mention though to the brewing crazy friendship I have with Japo of Not Another Boy Band and Jiggers, Brian and JB of The Charmes! And of course, my first love Up Dharma Down.)

Thank you for the crazy 2011 I had with you guys!

7. Keeping your friends and forgetting your enemies. I remember a college friend calling me once “popular.” It’s hilarious because I can never call myself “popular”. Yeah, I have thousand of friends on Facebook, hundreds of followers on Twitter, and I know people wherever I go but that doesn’t make me popular. I’d rather call it keeping friendship and building them through time. It’s simple, you make friends and you respect them. You put limits to your friendship only to make it stronger and you make time for these people no matter how busy you are. I think these are the best ways to keep friendship alive. I’ve been best friends for the same guy for 11 years and I have friends whom I met online for six years already. I have friends I’ve met in 2011 and I’m planning to keep them as long as I can. As for your enemies, you don’t let them bring you down. Instead, you burn them in the hole of never remember.

8. Putting love at pace. I’ve been single for a couple of years now but that doesn’t mean I’m unhappy. My heart has been hurt in 2011 but it was healed. And I’m thankful for that because it helped me grow and it made me learn the bigger lessons in life. I am not asking for a partner this 2012, but it’s something to look forward to and I’m keeping that pace. Who doesn’t want love and happiness, right?

9. Family. I do not have the perfect Father, Mother and Brothers, I can assure you that. My Mom and I always argue about the littlest things, my Kuyas just irritate me at some random times but I’m grateful about it because I’m just happy of having them in my life. Our love is not visible through actions and words but it’s love – you can’t see it nor express it the best way you could but you know it’s there. I’m thankful for 2011, simply because of them.

10. The chance to do more. I have been thinking about 2012 and I’m starting to thank the above for the things to come. They have not happened yet but I know that this year will be something worth remembering. There’s this chance to travel abroad (Hello Singapore in February!), the chance to do better at work, the chance to improve my talents (I’ve heard we’re doing more music videos this year and a possible demo for Mount Analogue!) and the chance to learn through time. It’s being thankful in advance.

So this is my list and I think I’ve written enough! How about you? Hey, it’s time to be grateful about life not only after every year but every time you experience happiness and love. With that, I wish you all a great 2012! Cheers to more years! :)

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The Nature of Moving On

Or the truth that no matter what you do, you will always get hurt when you allow yourself to.

Because forgetting, and forgiving, will always be a choice.

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